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Dear Wild~Beautiful~YOU!


I’m Julie Ann and it’s my passion to guide and teach, study, observe, philosophize, and report on religion, spirituality, and esoteric concepts as they relate to life–now. I’m a mentor, Re-WILDer and PATH Stalker, specializing in Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, Releasing Fear, Obtaining Radical & True Forgiveness, Body Image Re-Discovery, Soul Mentoring, & Transforming Your Depression.


Where does my cred come from? Great question:


After working in religious ministry & non-profit for 15 years at regional and local levels, I went back to school to study and learn sociological and psychological concepts, the realization of the impact of philosophy and religion on our reality, and how to guide others through the web of this ever-deepening spiral of worldly confusion. Within these years, I’ve worked with people one-on-one and in group settings. Not only that, but more importantly, is life experience. Why? Because without it, no one would be able to connect with or guide others very well.


This is the keyto be able to know and help someone within their deeper connection to themselves for the greater good of their world. I’ve not only lived through it, but I survived, learned, Re-WILDed, Stalked my PATH, and thrived in life despite these circumstances~~~childhood sexual abuse, soul loss, depression, PTSD, bad religion, challenging relationships, and the alcoholism of close family members.


I’m a Daughter, Mom, Mother-in-law, Mother-in-girlfriend-law, Grandma (a young one 🙂 especially in spirit), Married (a long time!), Friend, Companion, and a World-changer who’s passionate about sharing and creating goals and dreams as a Mentor & Spiritual Life Guide, Author, Blogger, Esoteric Sociological Writer, and Authentic Life Researcher.


We are all human beings; different shapes, sizes, colors, economic & geographical backgrounds, but one thing that will hold us all together no matter what, with all our strength and tenacity, is LOVE. Truth spirals around you everyday waiting to reveal itself as the key that opens the door of em”power”ment; then empowerment to LOVE. It’s everywhere.


And, most importantly, beyond who I am, it’s about YOU:


  • Never give up your potential, your wisdom, your freedom, your SELF! Let it shine. Feel it. Know it. Then, extend it to your world.


  • Express yourself: You are creative. You are Wild~Beautiful~YOU!


  • Don’t hold back. One small message can change someone’s day…and YOURS!


If you’re ready to transcend someone else’s beliefs and come into contact with your own, begin living according to your life purpose, and want to know the TRUE Wild. Beautiful. YOU!, Re-WILD & Stalk Your PATH! now by contacting me here. Or, get to know us better by joining the tribe below.


Wild~Beautiful~YOU! ~~~~~~~~ Stalk Your PATH.


Peace & Love,

Julie Ann